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Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

The Luzhniki stadium in Moscow is the most capacious stadium in Russia. The stadium is the main building of the Olympic Complex "Luzhniki". The sports complex (stadium) is located about 6 kilometers southwest of the city center (the Kremlin and Red Square).

Sports competitions and concerts are often held at the stadium. Matches of the World Cup 2018 will be held here as well. #FIFA2018

The sports complex "Luzhniki" has in its composition more than 80 buildings, the most important of which are: Small Sports Arena, Sports Palace, Swimming Pool, Sports Town. The main building of the sports complex is the Great Sports Arena "Luzhniki".

Luzhniki stadium

The Luzhniki stadium was opened on July 31, 1956 and was rebuilt several times later. Number of seats: 78 360. (The capacity of the stadium can be increased to 81,000 people.)

The most convenient way to get to the Luzhniki stadium is by metro. The metro station Sportivnaya and railway station Luzhniki (Moscow Central Ring, MCC) are located about 700 meters from the stadium. The distance to the Vorobyovy Gory metro station is about 500 meters. (Vorobyovy Gory metro station is sometimes closed during sporting events.)

You can see the location of the stadium on the map of Moscow.

Not far from the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow are:

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