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Where to go on Christmas vacation? To Finland Lapland!

Submitted by Serg A Nik on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 23:08

Where are you planning to travel during your winter vacation? Perhaps to Finland, to Lapland? Finnish Lapland welcomes tourists from European countries this winter. Many Europeans are already booking Christmas trips to Finland. (Tourists from America are also welcome.)

There are signs that tourism in Lapland may recover even faster than expected this year. It was noticed that the interest of residents of some European countries in Christmas trips to Lapland has increased. Hotel reservations are already in progress. It is expected that the number of flights from Europe major cities to Finland may be increased. Northern Finland is counting on the return of tourists from the UK, Germany, France, Italy.

Christmas is the most popular season for foreign tourists in Lapland. Tourists from different countries have come to the northernmost region of Finland in the winter in the past years.

Most of the tourists from European countries came in December. In January, quite a lot of tourists came from Russia. Tourists from China and Japan loved to visit Lapland throughout the winter. The coronavirus has stopped tourism. But tourism could recover up to 60-70% of pre-coronavirus levels this winter. Finland can be an interesting travel destination for US tourists as well.

Lapland is also a popular destination for Finns too. In winter, the Finns go skiing, and in summer they go for walks in nature.

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What to do in Lapland in winter.

Tourists often head to Lapland in December to visit Santa Claus Village. Santa Claus Village is located near the city of Rovaniemi. There is also Ounasvaara ski center near Rovaniemi.

There are some good popular ski resorts in Finnish Lapland. Levi, Ruka, Ylläs ski centers are the most popular of them. The ski season in northern Finland can start in October and may last until May.

Winter activities and sports. Tourists usually take dog sledding, reindeer sledding, snowmobiling trips in Lapland in winter. You can also just go cross-country skiing.

The Pursuit of the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are a very beautiful natural phenomenon. Few of the inhabitants of the earth saw him. The aurora doesn't happen every day (in winter) and you need luck to see it.

There are quite a few comfortable hotels in Lapland. We would recommend choosing a hotel that has a sauna. It is quite pleasant to warm up in the sauna after a frosty day.
Some tourists prefer unusual places to stay overnight - an igloo with a glass roof. You will be able to see the stars and the northern lights above you at night.

The two airports are quite popular in Lapland. These are the airports of Rovaniemi and Kittila.

How to prepare for your trip to Finnish Lapland?

  • Just buy your plane tickets to Rovaniemi or Kittila Airport.
  • Book a place to stay (hotel, cottage) in Rovaniemi or near your chosen ski center.
  • You can buy interesting activities later, or you can choose in advance.
  • It can get very cold in northern Finland in winter. Take warm clothes and shoes with you on your trip. (The lowest temperature ever recorded at the Rovaniemi airport is −38.1 °C (−37 °F), recorded on 28 January 1999.)

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It is also recommended to visit in Finland

If you are traveling to Finland, I would recommend that you visit the city of Helsinki as well. It is a relatively small, quiet city when compared to the largest metropolitan areas in the world, such as New York or Paris or Moscow.
There are many places that you will enjoy visiting. You can take a short ferry ride to Stockholm or Tallinn from Helsinki as well.

The best time to travel to Helsinki is summer. But in the summer, I would recommend that you also visit the Finnish Lake District (Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Imatra). These are great places for a relaxing summer vacation.

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