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Imatra, Finland

Imatrankoski Imatra is situated in south-eastern Finland, near the Russian-Finnish border. The town's population is about 28.4 thousand people. The city was founded in 1948. Despite its small size Imatra is well-known city in Finland and in other countries. A large number of tourists come from Russia to Imatra. In terms of tax-free sales small town Imatra is ranked third in Finland after Helsinki and Lappeenranta.

What is Imatra famous for?

Imatra is locater near to Lake Saimaa. It is the largest lake in Finland. The total area of Saimaa lakes is 4370 km ².

Through the city of Imatra go River Vuoksi, the largest river in the Karelian Isthmus. River flows from Lake Saimaa to Lake Ladoga. The river is 156 kilometers long.

In Imatra is one of the first tourist attractions of Finland, the rapids Imatrankoski on Vuoksi river. In 1772, the rapids Imatrankoski visited by the Russian Empress Catherine II. Since then, this place has become popular with tourists. In the early 20th century on the river Vuoksi dam and the power plant was built. Since rapids Imatrankoski ceased to exist in its original form. Summer (and some other days) especially for tourists arrange the discharge of water from dam. Show lasts about 17 minutes.

Imatra is located near the state border. The nearest town in Russia (Svetogorsk) is located at distance approximately 7 kilometers. Border crossing point Imatra / Svetogorsk daily serve a large number of cars with tourists and trucks with different goods.

Imatra annually in the summer, hosts an international jazz festival Imatra Big Band Festival. To participate in the Festival in Imatra come artists from different countries. Festival visits about 50,000 people.

Hotels in Imatra

Imatra has the perfect opportunity for a relaxing holiday. There are forests, clean air, beautiful lake and the river, a quiet retreat. There is all that is valued in the Finland big cities residents. But such beautiful nature places are also in many other places in Finland. One of the features that attracts a lot of tourists to Imatra, are the spa facilities of the city. Spend a few days in Imatra come many tourists from other cities of Finland and Russia.
Hotels booking ....

Cumulus Resort Imatran Imatran Valtionhotelli

Valtionhotelli in Imatra The oldest and most famous hotel in Imatra "Valtionhotelli" was built in 1903. Located in the heart of the city, in a picturesque place near the city's main attractions - the channel of the rapids "Imatrankoski." Prefer to stay in the hotel coming to town celebrities.

Spa Hotel "Imatran Kylpylä"

 Imatran kylpyla Spa Hotel "Imatran Kylpylä" is perhaps the most popular hotel in Imatra. The hotel is located in a green area on the shore of Lake Saimaa, a distance of about 4 kilometers from the city center. The hotel provides the perfect opportunity to relax, swim in the water park, nature walks. In the recreation center there is also a bowling alley, fitness center, game machines, it is possible to rent sports equipment.

"Holiday Club Saimaa"

Spa Hotel "Holiday Club Saimaa" is the most modern hotel, located near the town of Imatra. Hotel is located in a green area on the shore of Lake Saimaa, approximately 6 kilometers from the center of Imatra. "Holiday Club Saimaa" offers excellent leisure facilities, both in summer and winter.
In Imatra there are other hotels, such as "Cumulus Imatra", "Hotel Vuoksenhovi", "Imatra Hotel & Hostel", hotel "Anna Kern".



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