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Days of the sea - Kotka Maritime Festival

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The park iny Kotka city Kotka Maritime Festival (Days of the Sea, Kotkan Meripäivät) festival is the most famous event in Kotka city. The festival is held annually in the summer, in late July or early August. A huge number of tourists from different cities of Finland and other countries come to Kotka these days. Artists from Finland and other countries entertain the audience in concert halls and on the streets. The first Maritime Days Festival was held in Kotka in 1962.

Dates of the festival in 2024: July 24 (Wednesday) - July 27 (Saturday) 2024.

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The festival starts with the parade. The parade runs along the "Kymenlaakson katu" street (the city main street) to the Market Square. Parade is expected to arrive to the square 18.00. At 18 o'clock on the square happens grand opening celebration. The main activities of the festival held in the port area, next to the Museum of the Sea, on the market square and adjacent streets. The parade will start on Wednesday, July 24, 2024 at 6 p.m.

If you will be in Finland close to the Kotka City in that time, then you should definitely visit this parade. It is better to come here in advance. It will be difficult to park your car these days in Kotka.

The festival main events will be held in the city center and "Maretarium" oceanarium area, including the Sapokka park. It will be held near streets Tallinankatu, Puistotie, Sapokankatu.

The main stage - Meripäivä Areena - will be located on the Market Square. This is a good place to have a good time at any time.

The stage at the Kotka City Theater (Kotka-lava). From Wednesday to Saturday, a lot of interesting things will happen on the stage. This place is located at a distance of 150 meters from the Market Square, next to the Pasaati shopping center. Keskuskatu street 15.
Wednesday, July 24, starting at 13:00; Thursday and Friday - starting at 12:00; Saturday - starting at 11:00.

Traditional entertainment concerts called "In the Public Sauna" (Yleisessä Saunassa) will be held at the Kotka City Theater on Thursday, July 25 (20:00) and Friday 26.7.2024 (13:00 and 17:00).

Tourists should take care about rooms in hotels in advance. It is better to book a room in the hotel with Internet.

Festival in Kotka

What to do if you are in Kotka during the Maritime festival?

Watch artists perform on the main stage, which is located on the Market Square (Kauppatori).

Visit the Maritime Center "Vellamo" - the Maritime Museum of Finland. the Tarmo Icebreaker Museum is nearby. It is considered the oldest icebreaker in the world.

Take a stroll through Sapokka Park. This is the most beautiful park in the city.

Take a walk along Keskuskatu street and look at the sculptures located there.

Visit Langinkoski. It was the fishing house of the Emperor of the Russian Empire. This is a museum and a beautiful natural place on the banks of the river. (Get to know Finnish nature.)

Grab a coffee at Tulikukko Café-Restaurant, which is next to the harbour, right on the seafront.


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